Canadian Tax Podcast 003 – CEBA Loans/Accrual Method/Subcontractor Expenses

This week on Canadian Tax Podcast, we cover:

  • A tax payer with an $8mil tax bill;
  • 800,000 Canadians locked out of MyAccount;
  • New guidance on incorrect CERB T4A’s
  • Listener questions on CEBA, accrual/forex for self employed, and Subcontractor expenses on the T2125;

(Show notes below)

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Show Notes:


“This is the Canadian Tax Podcast, Episode # 003,  hosted by me, Cameron Ware. Good morning”


  • “Happy Monday, it is the week of March 15th. We’ll start with some news stories.

 [ITEM 1] – CBC $8mil tax bill


[ITEM 3] – New guidance – incorrect cerb t4a’s



And with that we will wrap things up. Like always, if you have any questions, send them to, or find us on twitter.  

This is Canadian Tax Podcast, thanks for listening. 

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