What To Do With Incorrect T5008’s (TSP#3)

This episode continues the 2020 Tax Season Special Series, where Canadian Tax Podcast answers random questions related to the 2020 tax filing season.

This episode covers T5008’s in more detail, specifically:

  • What to do when you have a million T5008’s issued;
  • Why you can’t always rely on your broker gain/loss report;
  • Link to Chen case here.

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Usual Disclaimer: This information is for general information purposes only, and deals with complicated and time-sensitive info that may not apply to your situation. Tax rules are always changing, and this information may not be current. Tax is complicated, this information is not tax advice, and don’t rely on this info to make tax decisions – Hire someone to help you. See the full disclaimer at www.canadiantaxpodcast.ca/disclaimer

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